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ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning Strength & Flexibility Training Manual with 1 FREE Resistance Band
ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning Strength & Flexibility Training Manual with 1 FREE Resistance Band

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Hello. I've been working on the exercises from Elastic Steel for a week. I simply can't believe the results. Maybe this sounds like a stupid advertisement but so do the other messages I read about people that had the same experience.
Actually I noticed something "new" on my legs right after the first session; my knees didn't hurt at all, and when I finished with the hip turns I stood up, I threw a kick and I laughed!! My hips didn't click anymore, and moving my legs was just like moving my arms.
Also, I used to have a slight pain in my quads every time I attempted a front split. Guess what? It's not there anymore; all the previous exercises you do before the split seem to have kind of fixed it or whatever. So, now you know, if you still have some problems with your hips or something similar keep on doing the conditioning exercises and the techniques explained in the book.
Never give up. Thank you Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards. -Daniel, Buenos Aires, Argentina"
Let me be straight forward. Everything written below can be achieved and relatively fast. One thing must be clear; nothing happens overnight. If thatís what you expect, then my method is not for you. There are plenty of people that offer to double your flexibility and strength in one evening. Try their method, and then come back to me.

If you are not hurt after trying their scams, I will gladly show you how to achieve everything, I stated above. Just make sure those clowns have a money back guarantee. Once the over-charged money is returned to you, get my manual and DVD. It costs a fraction of what the rip-offs out there charge.

Let me tell you what Elastic Steel is and how it is different from all the other methods on the market. Progression is the key to this method. Scientific progression is a lot more than: ďstart slowly, warm up thoroughly, and stretch before a work outĒ.

Letís talk about stretching shall we. Muscles in your body are connected and intertwined. To stretch a muscle properly, other muscles that restrict its flexibility must be pre-stretched.

If I am talking in foreign language to you: try this test:

  • Sit down; pull your toes toward you as much as you can.
  • Do one leg at a time. Now reach forward. Remember how far you went.
  • Now try this exercise again, but after having the toes pulled back, extend your
    toes and point them away from you.

    Feel the difference? Of course you do! You probably have noticed this effect a long time ago. Why can you reach forward more with toes pointing away from you? The answer is simple: Calf has an influence on the flexibility of the hamstring. In order to get a maximum stretch out of the hamstrings, a few muscles must be pre-stretched. Calf or the back of the lower leg is one of them.

    Donít worry this method is not for rocket scientists. Itís for a everyday people. I do explain the purpose of every exercise, but the demonstrations, require no reading. Just follow the illustrations and you will achieve both flexibility and strength!

    I received the Elastic Steel manual on the morning of 6th August. Considering I live in the UK, the delivery time is astounding! Well done and thank you.
    I'm very experienced in flexibility training and I have 20+ years experience in martial arts. Elastic Steel is without doubt the single most effective method I have ever encountered. While much of what it offers is covered by other products on the market which are authored by their respective experts, Elastic Steel offers those same methods AND many more than you will find elsewhere.
    Most importantly, the information is offered in a clear-cut, no-nonsense approach that even the most uneducated individual could understand within seconds of opening the book. The book itself was of surprisingly high quality, and the price is fantastic. I would have expected to pay up to three times as much for this information elsewhere. Paul's method is phenomenal.
    Within three minutes of using the Elastic Steel method I was at my deepest range of motion in the side split in my 20+ years of training. Other methods I have used (by so-called "experts") have taken up to an hour to reach half of the level I achieved with Paul's advice.
    Best of all, there was no pain except for the usual discomfort association with stretching. I used Paul's method yesterday during one of my Tae Kwon Do sessions, and the other students were astounded at the height I was achieving on my kicks!
    Thank you, Paul, for making this information readily available to the rest of the world! You are a God-send. - Daniel Davies

    Remember, every muscle has its place in a stretching and strengthening sequences. But this is just the beginning...

    Let me tell you another way that this method surpasses other practices out there. I use natural concepts. Gymnast and dancers used them for years. Physical therapists employ these principals every day. Martial artist however do not - oh well, where would they learn from?

    HERE! This is the place where these concepts are discovered.
    I will mention two important concepts. Deep range conditioning (extended length conditioning), being one, and reciprocal inhibition, being the other. Both are needed to sit in a split and have breakfast while doing it!
    Go ahead; place your arm behind your back. Now have someone hold it. Try to bring your arm in front of you. Canít do it, huh?
    Well, thatís what your body is afraid of. Your bodyís intelligence does not want you to be stuck with your arm behind your back, or your leg ahead for that matter. That is why your stretch reflex prevents you from becoming flexible. Now if only you could get strength in these unnatural positions, then you can convince your body, that you would not get stuck sitting in a split forever. Your nervous system then would not be so nervous allowing you to become flexible. This is what deep range conditioning is all about.

    Reciprocal inhibition on the other hand is bodyís own trick mechanism. You see, if you try to arm curl some weight, using your bicep, the triceps muscle must relax and give way. If it doesnít, then the biceps will have a hard time lifting the weight. To our luck, when one muscle contracts, its opponent relaxes. Reciprocal inhibition takes advantage of this principle. Below is an example.

    Warm up slightly before trying this exercise:

    • Sit with your legs in front of you
    • Breath out and reach toward your toes
    • Hold this position for 10-15 seconds
    • Remember how far you reached
    • Lean back slightly and lift your legs off the ground
    • Balance yourself only on your buttocks (if this is too difficult you may place hands on the floor for
    • Stay in this position for as long as comfortable (stop if you experience cramps)
    • Slowly place the legs down in front of
    • Pull your stomach in
    • Breath out and
    • Reach forward
    • Notice how far you've reached

    Notice that after holding the second position demonstrated, you can go slightly more forward (try it a few times) this is the reciprocal inhibition at work. 
    "I love the books you had written with the exercises. The exercises presented in the book are state of the art, light years ahead of anything exercise program I have thus far seen. Thank you. Ė Craig Breuwet, USA"
    Now let me tell you precisely what my Strength & Flexibility Book will teach you.

    Proper order of joint warm up - Lubrication of the joints in scientific sequence: which prevents injuries, awakens the body and prepares it for future use.

    Pre-stretches sequence - This is the sequence, which gets major lower body muscles prepared for speed and power of the kicking technique, as well as elasticity of splits.

    Mobility Swings - Itís a great warm up technique as well as injury prevention skill.

    Static and dynamic conditioning - This is the bottom brick of the ElasticSteel method. Muscle strength and isolation is developed for further use in stretching and kicking.

    Extended Length Conditioning - This exceptional system of exercises stretches and strengthens muscles in very unique ways.

    Stability circles - This great technique, teaches balance and ease needed to develop speed and power of the leg techniques.

    Leg raises - Leg raises are extremely important techniques to get the legs ready for flexibility, while executing high speed movement.

    Reciprocal stretches - These are techniques based on bodyís natural tricks. Flexibility is enhanced, pain free.

    Deep stretches - Progressive techniques to maximize flexibility.

    Remember sequence is the key!

    Unlike many programs out there, Elastic Steel doesnít require you to go to the gym. You donít have to buy any weights, cables or pulleys. There is a piece of equipment, however, that will greatly speed up your progress. It is the elastic resistance band, and I give it to you with Book or DVD at no extra cost. So what are you waiting for? Start training right now!

    Enough time wasted. Get the Book right now. And soon it will be you sitting proudly with your legs 180 degrees apart. Make a decision this moment to throw 6 oíclock kicks, straight up in the air. Your legs will thank you for it.
    Still not convinced that my training method is the RIGHT choice for you?!
    Read on to see others' success with ElasticSteel Method:
    "As a martial artist I believe that if you canít say something about some, donít say anything at all. I am not going to trash anyone, but I would like to share what happened to me a year and a half ago. I am 51 and I practice tae Kwan do. I like to compete, thatís what I do in my spare time. Any way, my kicks are strong, so are my punches, but flexibility is where the problem was. I always dreamed of scoring points with kicks to the head. I also wanted to be able to do a split, but I accepted that fact that at my age I may never achieve it. One day I was competing in a tournament in New York, and I saw an ad. in a locker room. There was a seminar after the tournament. The promised to double the flexibility in one evening. I try plenty of those before, and it was B.S. I decided to try it since; they said that if the flexibility was not doubled, they would give money back. I had nothing to loose, just 90 minutes of my time. So I stayed for the seminar.When I paid (a good sum of money) I was given a card to fill out. At the beginning of the seminar, they asked me to sit on the floor and open the legs, and then they measured the distance between my feet. (It was 59 inches) For the next 75 or so minutes we did different exercises, tons of them. Some of them I did before, some of them I have never heard of. We did a lot of stretches and a lot of calisthenics. Finally they asked us to sit with legs open again. This time the distance between my feet was 66 inches. The flexibility did not exactly double, but it was better. I never measured the distance before, so I had not idea if I did better than in my usual Tae kwan do class.

    I went home not sure what to think. After all, I did not get a full split. And for me to get more flexibility I need to practice those exercise on my own. How ever they did not give any hand outs, and I forgot most of the stuff. Well next 3 days were hell. My legs were so stiff, that I could barely move my legs apart. (37 inches to be precise, since now I measured it.) The bad thing is, after the stiffness went away, my flexibility did not increase a bit.I did not mind the pain, but I donít like to be cheated. And my money donít exactly fall on me on the street. I will hold on to my creed how ever and will not give the name of the person or the tournament that preceded this B.S. seminar.

    Less than six months ago, I was looking things up on line and found. Elastic Steel website. I saw the pictures of Paul Zaichik doing his thing. Honestly I thought that it is one of those B.S. things. I was just wondering why the price of the manual was only 22.95. I thought it was total garbage, especially for that price. Itís hard to blame me, since I tried so much stuff, and it was all in vain. I donít know why but I bought manual. I email Paul, and to my surprise he emailed me back. He told me that, I must follow the method the way it was in a manual. I was not very happy that, it would take me a few months to actually begin to pracise deep stretches. How ever, I got my son into it and we both decided to do it. To make a long story short, I can do side split and a front split with both legs in front. I also go to the tournament and score with kicks to the head, both legs equally.

    P.S. now I know why I was able to improve my flexibility slightly at that seminar. It is because they tested us cold and than warmed us up for over an hour, no wonder we all go more flexible for that instance. Any way, Paul G-d bless you. And thank you Alex for working out with your old man. -Mark Zatkovetski New York, N.Y."

    "Ilike the Elasticsteel program. It is diligently put together. I was not forced to run around the bush and try to figure out how to do things. Everything is easy, and right there. -Marry Goldfeld."


    "Focusing on stretching, this way getting the splits is rather unique. My favorite part of the book is the extended length stretching. -Genel McGinney"

    "As a dancer, I am always concerned for my hips. I know that increasing flexibility, can cause my hips to be long term injured. I tried many ways of conditioning my hips to prevent injury. I spend years on weight training, weight machines, yoga, Pilates. Still my hip clicking and pain was getting worst. Now itís been about 6 weeks since I been practicing hip turn in and hip turn out, stability circles and extended length conditioning. My hips are getting stronger and itís getting to the point where I donít have to constantly worry about injuring them. -Lisa Huang"

    "Hi there, I am a part time sport karate instructor. I am glad that I gave your book a shot. My kid students very often have problems with control and clarity of the kicks. And almost every other adult student canít easily kick to the head. Your book gave me a powerful arsenal of tips and techniques that I now use. Thank you very much. -Master John S."

    "After a month of kick specific training, the power of my kicks have improved. Plus I can kick with the total control of my hands and my torso.- Charles Gavigan, Galway Ireland"

    "Training with Elasticsteel program proved to me that if you train right, you can quickly notice steady results.-Max Deluca San Jose, California"

    "I feel that my stretches have helped me more then improve flexibility. I used to get frequent back pain. By making my hips and buttocks looser, I rarely get the pain. When it so happens that I get it, it takes a 2-3 days for it to go away and not weeks.- Nasher Bibi"

    "If I would have found this website earlier my flexibility training would have been different and safer. Better late than never.-Frank Wilson Pushmataha, Oklahoma"
    "Hi! I am an Italian Elasticsteeler and I've received the book this morning. At the first look I've been surprised by the little size of the book, but after opening it, i've understand why. Unlike many other flexibility books, ES is a concentrate of pratical stuff and techniques.No waste of space, no tedious theory. Today I will begin my training. I like this book."

    Take Charge of your flexibility Click here now to order the only DVD you will ever need to get 180 degree splits in no time! Order today for only $49.95 ($10.00 off regular price) and you will also get 1 Resistance Band FREE of Charge!
    Enough time wasted. Get the Book right now. And soon it will be you sitting proudly with your legs 180 degrees apart. Make a decision this moment to throw 6 oíclock kicks, straight up in the air. Your legs will thank you for it.


    Get them together and save over $30.00 plus get 5 resistance bands FREE of charge! Click here for more information!

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