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Affiliate Program
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Our unique affiliate program allows you to generate a solid income, with little work done by you. We have developed the tools you need to be successful.

Start earning more from your website by becoming an ElasticSteel affiliate. ElasticSteel Affiliate Program is free to join and easy to use. We offer comprehensive affiliate support and competitive benefits.

You will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. We even provide you with banner ads and text links that you can just choose, copy & paste!

Earn 20% from all sales generated by your affiliate links, whenever one of your referrals makes a purchase from www.ElasticSteel.net you will automatically be credited 20% of their total payment! But that's not all, should you sign up someone to be your affiliate for our program you will still get paid 10% of whatever they have generated under your program. Should they decide to start a program of their own and their affiliate generates sales on elasticsteel.net you will get paid 5% of that sale and so on.

What's more? Your referrals remain active for 90 days! Which means that if a customer visits our website through one of your affiliate links, that customer's computer is tagged with your affiliate information for up to 90 days. So, if the customer returns to our website 60 days later and buys something from us, you still get your 20%! Even if the customer will never visit your site again!

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Please note that your own purchases are not eligible for this offer, and no credit will be given for your own purchases made through your link. Please only sign up if you are serious about becoming our affiliate. Thank you.