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I have to agree with everything thats ever been said about ES. Like Rocketone, I own Stretching Scientifically (Book version 3 &4, and VHS/DVD) SuperJoints, Warrior Wellness, Prasara, Health For Life SynerStretch, Beyond Stretching, Relax Into Stretch, countless Yoga/Pilates books, Combat Stretching and many more books about PNF, AIS, etc. Years of accumulating knowledge. I've made gains but never as easily, as fast and as *pain free* as I've made with ES.

ES is deceptively simple. I went gung-ho on it for 3 weeks. Saw immediate gains and had to stop because of time. The book is so small, the routines so simple and painless. My instinct said, this couldn't have been what worked, it's too easy. So I went back to doing my time-honored PNF/Isometric stretches from the other authors. Spent 3 months doing them and actually regressed from the gains I had made with ES. My hips feel healthier, like when I was a teenager again.

I got inspired again back in December when I saw the ad for the DVD coming out. I decided to get back to the ES routine and focus on using it entirely for my training. I have to curb my enthusiasm for the training because I tend to over do things but I can't help wanting to do more when I see the results. One of the unusual things I notice is that my legs feel 'lighter'. After the PNF work my legs typically feel heavy for a day or two. After ES, they feel light and relaxed. That's an awesome feeling to have in a kicking centric art.

I can't say enough about ES to others. The one-leg circles and Hip Spins have been so beneficial to my hip health. I tore or severly injured some of my deep-six hip rotators several years back and it took me quite a few years to get my ability to kick with my left hip again. I have a clicking in my left hip when I do things like Joint Rotation Hip Circles or Crescent kicks. No pain, just annoyance. Having gone back to the ES work I've reduced the clicking almost entirely and strengthened my hip. My kick chambers have gotten higher and my kicks have gotten stronger in their held out position. This after 20 years of taekwondo training. I came from an old school style that emphasized the wall drill kick and holds and yet I still made gains with Paul's ES system.

My hat is off to Paul for putting together such a great program in a small book format. No fluff, just what you need to get the job done.

I can't wait for my DVD to arrive. THANK YOU PAUL!!! - Budocat, Cincinnati, OH

Hello. I've been working on the exercises from Elastic Steel for a week. I simply can't believe the results. Maybe this sounds like a stupid advertisement but so do the other messages I read about people that had the same experience. Actually I noticed something "new" on my legs right after the first session; my knees didn't hurt at all, and when I finished with the hip turns I stood up, I threw a kick and I laughed!! My hips didn't click anymore, and moving my legs was just like moving my arms. Also, I used to have a slight pain in my quads every time I attempted a front split. Guess what? It's not there anymore; all the previous exercises you do before the split seem to have kind of fixed it or whatever. So, now you know, if you still have some problems with your hips or something similar keep on doing the conditioning exercises and the techniques explained in the book. Never give up. Thank you Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regards.- Daniel, Buenos, Aires

hi all, got the book on the thursday before christmas and have spent the last 3 weeks concentrating only on side split conditioning exercises. anyone who read my previous post will have read that my hips were in agony & i was stuck at about 1 foot away from the side split. today i decided to do the whole routine for side split including massaging with the castor oil but i didn't really expect to see much difference. the result ???. I ABSOLOUTLEY LOVE YOU PAUL !!! six inches away from the split.(six inches) i couldn't beleive it, i even had to shout my wife to come and see me as i was so excited. anyway for those of you unsure about whether the program actually works get stuck into the conditioning before you bother with stretching( my mistake over the past 16 years) and you will honestly see results. hopefully i will be posting another progress update in a couple of weeks when i am 3 inches from the side split. cheers paul. - Sean

Your service is much efficient. United States are much better than Italy! So, i have tested the Zaichik's method (the gravity advantage and the
gravity advantage Max) and I have achieve a great goal! I have increased my strenght (dynamic and static strenght) my pysicall condition, my posture. Yea, very good system!
I can train in small spaces in a short time, everyday, everytime....'cos my work is very hard and tiring.I work in a hospital (in a laboratory analysis). My qualification is technician of biomedical laboratory. I analyze blood champions - urines - biological fluids. often I work 12 or 18 hours without pause....I's so Hard and i say to my training routine By-Bye!  Now with the elastic steel method i can training in a short time, eveywere! I'm so happy! Thank's for your courtesy! American are very Nice People!  Greetings Mauro
I have been working with this method for about 6 weeks now. I just started my extended length conditioning and just a few deep stretches. I usually overtrain, so I am taking this very slow.

What I have found is that my pain in my joints has for the most part gone away. Just doing the general conditioning along with light stretching for a week took care of my pain. What I found was that in my martial arts class I was trying to kick to high and stretch to hard without any conditioning aimed just at this subject. I guess this is what stretching a weak muscle over a loose joint can do. I now have some muscle soreness from the extended length conditioning and deep stretches but not any joint pain.

Just eliminating joint pain has increased my range of motion in my kicks. It has also helped the speed of my kicks. Since there is not any fear of pain in my hip or knee I can now kick faster. If has proven to me that this type of conditioning is a must to achieve maximum flexibility without having painful joints. I am very happy with how my training is progressing since starting the elasticsteel workout. - Bill H.

When I bought the manual, I emailed Paul and told him that if this is another B.S I will make sure people know about. I also told him that If I get my split before my birthday, October 18th, I will also scream it out loud. Well listen up, today is October 2nd, I did a full split and it feels GOOD. That's right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Rockettone

As a martial artist I believe that if you canít say something about some, donít say anything at all. I am not going to trash anyone, but I would like to share what happened to me a year and a half ago. I am 51 and I practice tae Kwan do. I like to compete, thatís what I do in my spare time. Any way, my kicks are strong, so are my punches, but flexibility is where the problem was.  I always dreamed of scoring points with kicks to the head. I also wanted to be able to do a split, but I accepted that fact that at my age I may never achieve it.  One day I was competing in a tournament in New York, and I saw an ad. in a locker room. There was a seminar after the tournament. The promised to double the flexibility in one evening. I try plenty of those before, and it was B.S. I decided to try it since; they said that if the flexibility was not doubled, they would give money back. I had nothing to loose, just 90 minutes of my time. So I stayed for the seminar.When I paid (a good sum of money) I was given a card to fill out. At the beginning of the seminar, they asked me to sit on the floor and open the legs, and then they measured the distance between my feet. (It was 59 inches) For the next 75 or so minutes we did different exercises, tons of them. Some of them I did before, some of them I have never heard of. We did allot of stretches and allot of calisthenics. Finally they asked us to sit with legs open again. This time the distance between my feet was 66 inches.  The flexibility did not exactly double, but it was better. I never measured the distance before, so I had not idea if I did better than in my usual Tae kwan do class.

I went home not sure what to think. After all, I did not get a full split. And for me to get more flexibility I need to practice those exercise on my own. How ever they did not give any hand outs, and I forgot most of the stuff.Well next 3 days were hell. My legs were so stiff, that I could barely move my legs apart.  (37 inches to be precise, since now I measured it.) The bad thing is, after the stiffness went away, my flexibility did not increase a bit. I did not mind the pain, but I donít like to be cheated. And my money donít exactly fall on me on the street. I will hold on to my creed how ever and will not give the name of the person or the tournament that preceded this B.S. seminar.

Less than six months ago, I was looking things up on line and found. Elastic Steel website. I saw the pictures of Paul Zaichik doing his thing. Honestly I thought that it is one of those B.S. things. I was just wondering why the price of the manual was only 22.95. I thought it was total garbage, especially for that price. Itís hard to blame me, since I tried so much stuff, and it was all in vain. I donít know why but I bought manual. I email Paul, and to my surprise he emailed me back. He told me that, I must follow the method the way it was in a manual. I was not very happy that, it would take me a few months to actually begin to pracise deep stretches. How ever, I got my son into it and we both decided to do it. To make a long story short, I can do side split and a front split with both legs in front. I also go to the tournament and score with kicks to the head, both legs equally.

P.S. now I know why I was able to improve my flexibility slightly at that seminar. It is because they tested us cold and than warmed us up for over an hour, no wonder we all go more flexible for that instance. Any way, Paul G-d bless you. And thank you Alex for working out with your old man. -Mark Zatkovetski, New York, N.Y.

I like the Elasticsteel program. It is diligently put together. I was not force to run around the bush and try to figure out how to do things. Everything is easy, and right there. -Marry Goldfeld.

Focusing on stretching, this way getting the splits is rather unique. My favorite part of the book is the extended length stretching. -Genel McGinney

As a dancer, I am always concerned for my hips. I know that increasing flexibility, can cause my hips to be long term injured. I tried many ways of conditioning my hips to prevent injury. I spend years on weight training, weight machines, yoga, Pilates. Still my hip clicking and pain was getting worst.  Now itís been about 6  weeks  since I been practicing hip turn in and hip turn out, stability circles and extended length conditioning. My hips are getting stronger and itís getting to the point where I donít have to constantly worry
about injuring them. -Lisa Huang

Hi there, I am a part time sport karate instructor.  I am glad that I gave your book a shot. My kid students very often have problems with control and clarity of the kicks. And almost every other adult student canít easily kick to the head. Your book gave me a powerful arsenal of tips and techniques that I now use.   Thank you very much. -Master John S.

After a month of kick specific training, the power of my kicks have improved. Plus I can kick with the total control of my hands and my torso. -Charles Gavigan, Galway Ireland

Training with Elasticsteel program proved to me that if you train right, you can quickly notice steady results. -Max Deluca
San Jose,California

I feel that my stretches have helped me more then improve flexibility. I used to get frequent back pain. By making my hips and buttocks looser, I rarely get the pain. When it so happens that I get it, it takes a 2-3 days for it to go away and not weeks. -Nasher Bibi,

If I would have found this website earlier my flexibility training would have been different and safer. Better late than never. -Frank Wilson
Pushmataha, Oklahoma

I am a H.S. student. Every time we had a unit on training with weights I would bulk up, than we play soccer or rugby and I got skinny again. This year I am using the G A calisthenics exercises and they keep me pumped up and bulky. -Calvin McLane Melbourne, Australia

When I first tried Gravity advantage I learned just how much out of balance my muscles are. I totally trust this program, because it works to balance the strength in the body. -Reynaldo Baez Sanchez, Bronx NY USA

As a kid I used to do push ups every night. Thatís all my friends used to do. Pual Zaichikís book is great, because it has a lot of body-weight resistance exercises, even targeting specific muscles.- William S. Hanes, London

Back when I ordered this book I was worried that it will be another glorified push-ups/burpies/dips/pull-ups variation. I was happy to be wrong. Gravity advantage has opened my eyes to many interesting body weight exercises that exist out there.- Brink Fines, Augusta G.A.
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