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The Gravity Advantage MAX - Total Body Conditioning Training Manual
The Gravity Advantage MAX - Total Body Conditioning Training Manual

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To understand the power of this manual I would like to share this with you:

One of my former students got involved in a fight. Living in a rough neighborhood he had to fight to defend himself. Having badly hurt his attacker, he was sentenced to 42 months (3.5 years). At the time of his sentence he was a minor. His greatest fear was his future in the adult prison. My former student heard stories of what happens to the young and the weak (regardless if they drop the soap or not). He waned to lift weight to become strong and more importantly to appear muscular.

The problem was that due to frequent fights the facility where he was held had all the weight lifting equipment removed. Only dip/ high bars and bare benches were left.  He knew that squats and push ups will only get him so far, and that is when he remembered what I had  preached.  I have long advised him to do full bodyweight resistance lifts. These are the exercises which place all the body resistance on a selected group of muscles. Most of them are way too difficult, but I have on a few occasions explained and demonstrated a sequence of progression. My student lucked out, because he saw other students and myself perform those and had a mental picture of what I was talking about.   

He had less than a year to get himself into a tough, mean looking shape.  Having not much else to do he trained. This was the first time, that I seen someone as determined as myself achieve super strength with these exercises. Not too long ago, I met my former pupil. He was the exact definition of visuable strength. His loose denim jacket could not even hide it. His shoulders were the size of the Olympic lifter. Vasti portions of the quadriceps protruded through the jeans. Biceps and triceps tightly filled his sleaves. His powerful traps greatly elevated his collar. Just to make sure, I asked him if he only used the exercises I gave him. He said yes.

Recalling back to his experience, he told me the following. By the time he was transferred, his body was totally changed. So was his strength. He wanted to test his strength the conventional way.  Once the iron became available, my former pupil gave it a shot.  On the bench press, he lifted over 150% of his body weight, 3 times. Keep in mind; he had no access to weights in about a year. Could the push ups do that? Never say never, but I doubt it. He also tried the leg curl and leg extension.  On the curl he lifted more than his own body weight. On the extension he easily did full stack of plates.

He achieved this strength with only his body weight. After this I decided to write about this method. Although I am sure that this method is not new, I have never seen anything similar in print.

I will not  put weight lifting down. Iron has it's undeniable place in the world of fitness. What I set out to do is the following: Show the amount of strength that one can achieve with bodyweight exercises. If you have been a fan of push ups and crunches as body weight exercises you are up for a very huge surprise. Most of the exercises in the GAM method will be too difficult, for 95% of the athletes. Just imagine using only a fraction of your musculature to lift the whole body weight. Oh yes,  itís possible; a scientifically designed, kinesiological progression is the key.

I'm very happy to introduce to you the new and improved Gravity Advantage MAX program, which many of you have anxiously been waiting for.
Gravity Advantage Max was put together as a latest scientific exercise program for people who want to get tremendous power using their own body weight as exercise resistance.

Everyone who honestly follows this program for a few months, has a potential to not only be able to develop a ripped muscular physique, but also muscular might, never before thought possible, without ever lifting weights. The secret of this program is the progressive loading of muscle groups through the use of oneís own body weight and gravity

Everyone who honestly follows this program for a few months, has a potential to not only be able to develop a ripped muscular physique, but also muscular might, never before thought possible, without ever lifting weights. The secret of this program is the progressive loading of muscle groups through the use of oneís own body weight and gravity.

This exercise program goes far beyond other bodyweight disciplines such as Yoga or Pilates. Latest development in scientific progression plus a well calculated force of gravity is all that is required for tremendous gains in strength.

Strength, self-esteem and personal physical appearance are qualities gained from The Gravity Advantage Max. Because some exercises are inverted it allows the body to reverse the toll of gravity. Improved lymph flow, blood flow, youthful appearance as well as many other health factors are a part of Gravity Advantage Max program.

If you are tired of your old work out routine where you constantly do the same old pull ups, chin ups, push ups, press ups, dips. Squats and sit ups, I've got great news for you. I've put a variety of different level body weight exercises for you to choose from, so that you won't be bored with your workout

This is a program that can be done anywhere, requiring only a few pieces of easy to find, simple equipment. Suitable for a beginner as well as an advanced student, everyone will find value in this program.

I've got to warn you tough to get ready for accusations from your friends that you are doing steroids, as they simply won't believe you when you tell them that you've build your super human strength without any body building equipment, but only through using your own body weight.

Jam packed with information and detailed, deceptively simple instructions, to give you a superior workout. Extremely easy to follow with a well illustrated maximum strength building routine.  
Every muscle group in the body gets the best of what body weight training has to offer. The program is completely balanced, and every pushing movement is offset by a pulling movement, keeping every muscle in check and in equilibrium. Giving you the ability to utilize 100% of your own body weight, while working every muscle group, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings you name it!

In case you you are wondering what does lifting 100% of your body weight means, think about this; when you do push ups the amout of body weight that you lift is about 70 percent. Imagine how strong you would get if you could lift 100%  of your own body weight with the same movement. It's no secret:  a lot more resistance gives you a lot more strength gains.  This is exactly what the program is about; the use of maximum resistance possible for each of your muscle groups.  



Be prepared to shock your friends who will accuse you of secretly taking steroids and lifting heavy weights. They will not believe you that you can achieve such high level of strength using only your body weight.

I have used this program for many years to build strong, muscular bodies, using only one's own body weight as resistance. And now this speedy and simplified approach to strength can be yours!  
GAMax can now be yours!
A compilation of valuable information you will not get anywhere else. A program that will help you to surpass the rest, get a strong muscular body, impress onlookers, and give you a wealth of knowledge on how to keep yourself in great shape, all this for only $39.95 (Thatís $20.00 off retail price). A very small price to pay to get the body that you have been dreaming of. A lot more affordable than most bodyweight books out there, offering little results for up to $200.00.

Experience GAM now and be on the road to success!

 Get Gravity Advantage MAX today and SAVE up to 30% OFF Regular Price! But Hurry this offer won't last long!


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