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The Gravity Advantage - Upper Body Conditioning Training Manual
The Gravity Advantage - Upper Body Conditioning Training Manual

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What do you presently know about body weight exercises? Push-ups, pull-ups, dipsÖ  is that it?  Did you know that body weight exercises can be specific?  Did you know that they can target an individual muscle such as biceps or shoulders?

Iím not talking about chin-ups or handstand push-ups. Iím talking about the exercises that are capable of giving individual attention to each of your muscles, using only your body weight as resistance!

The exercises that involve full range movement. No isometrics, your body weight is the sole resistance. No dynamic tension or gym equipment. Hereís a look at what the book contains:

  • Eleven joint warm-up exercises.
  • A Beginning and an Advanced Stretching Routine for the whole body
  • Twenty four body weight exercises
  • Four progressive routines containing sixexercises each.
These movements build functional strength as well as endurance. Every exercise has a purpose in the sequence.  
Sequences are designed for maximum effectiveness of each exercise.

Before investing into equipment or GYM fees I encourage you to try this program. Learn how to develop a truly functional strength in your core muscles
without endless abdominal exercises.  Learn 4 tactically designed sequential routines.
The GRAVITY ADVANTAGE program isolates and targets the following muscles:

Upper Chest
Lower Chest
Shoulders, Front
Shoulders, Back
Shoulders, Middle
Teres major
Rotator cuff
Flexors of the fingers and forearm
Extensor of the forearm
Core stabilizers
Internal oblique
External Oblique
Lower and upper abdominals
Erector Spinae
Quadratus Lamborum
Serratus Anterior

If someone you know thinks that body weight exercises canít build strength, invite them to try THE GRAVITY ADVANTAGE and see how quickly they will change their mind!
Here's what others' have to say about this manual:
"I am a H.S. student. Every time we had a unit on training with weights I would bulk up, than we play soccer or rugby and I
got skinny again. This year I am using the G A calisthenics exercises and they keep me pumped up and bulky.
-Calvin McLane Melbourne, Australia"
"As a kid I used to do push ups every night. Thatís all my friends used to do. Paul Zaichikís book is great, because it has a lot of body-weight resistance exercises, even targeting specific muscles." -William S. Hanes London"
"Back when I ordered this book I was worried that it will be another glorified push-ups/burpies/dips/pull-ups
variation. I was happy to be wrong. Gravity advantage has opened my eyes to many interesting body weight
exercises that exist out there.
-Brink Fines Augusta G.A

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