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Get Rid of Back Pain - Lower Back Focus Training - Improving your lower back health. At Home with Paul Zaichik.
Get Rid of Back Pain - Lower Back Focus Training - Improving your lower back health. At Home with Paul Zaichik.


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Length of the DVD: 40-60 minutes

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- Lower Back Focus Training - Improving your lower back health. At Home with Paul Zaichik. 


Let me show you how to GET RID of BACK PAIN in less than 15 MINUTES a day! In this video Iíll take you through a great workout aimed at improving your lower back health. All the muscles surrounding your lumbar are properly stretched and strengthened. This leads to equilibrium and safe positioning for your lower spine.  


Learn a series of easy exercises in a progressive program designed to eliminate or reduce back pain and prevent future problems! In this incredible DVD you will learn:


  • The proper sequence of muscle stretching & strengthening - designed for those with back pain, as well as those, who wish to maintain a healthy back for years to come!  
  • A short (15 minute) extremely easy to follow morning sequence to jump start your day! 
  • A long (approximately 25 minutes) follow along routine to stretch your lower back and surrounding muscles! 
  • How to strengthen the muscles that protect your lower back and control the lumbar arch! 
  • How to breathe and focus the mind - aimed at helping you cope better with daily tasks, as well as improving your mental and physical health! 

Take control of your back and finally live PAIN FREE! Train with deceptively simple instructions and find out how simple movements can improve your lumbar health and comfort.  

After hemming and Hawing over the cost of this video, I finally bought the video. The reason I bought this is b/c I am only 37 and I have had Back spasms for the last 5 years and I am frankly, tired of it and the exercises my Dr. has me do have not worked for me.

Well, I watched it first and thought "Great, I wasted my money, it's just another Yoga thing." There is a breathing segment, short workout for morning & evening and a Long routine for when you have more time.

So Yesterday, I started on the long routine. I did not finish it but only b/c I was out of time. But, even though it is the "same old moves" he puts in a lot of variations and explanations that I found really helpful without a bunch of eastern religious mambo jumbo that other videos put in.

AND, unlike other dvd's & videos with Yoga, stretching, and calisthenics, I did not hurt today! I slept through the night without waking up stiff like normal. (I own a plethora of workout tapes.)

-Jennifer Y. Lippincott
Dear Paul;  My wife and I own a small vegetable farm in Vermont. I am 56 years old. We have been making our living from it since 1980.  I have been bending over at the waist, hoeing and harvesting vegetables for over 30 years.  I never took care of my back, and a month ago came down with moderate to severe leg pain (due to Sciatic nerve problems?). To get thru the worst of it, I took Oxycodene.  I was afraid that I was never going to get a good nights sleep again. I saw a Chiropracter for the first time in my life.  After a couple of weeks with her, she said I could start doing exercises.  I found your website and bought the video for back pain.I have been following the short and long routine every night for 3 weeks.   Because I never did anything like it before,  I had to stop and catch my breath on each exercise or stretch.  Fortunately, you stopped often to discuss proper form etc..  I hated how you weren't  even breathing hard, and I was struggling! 


I now am PAIN FREE!!!!!  The breaks that you put in the video I use to do more reps, or different exercises.  Since I thought that my piriformis muscle might be the culprit,  I do more streches and exercises just for it.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Our Farm is very important to us.  Since you are self employed, you know the satisfaction you get from it.  The thought of not being able to continue farming was very frightening. Now I can work all day and not feel any problems. I follow your back pain video every night. I will be especially Thankful this Thanksgiving. 


I did some research for other programs online.  Not only does Paul utilize all the techniques that the others use, He has several that I found only on that video.  It is obvious that a lot of knowledge went into the video.  Even while suffering, I was able to do all the movements, and always felt better at the end.  I especially like what now seems to be the slow pace of the video. Believe me, it  didn't seem slow at the start.  I was gasping for breath and Paul was not even breathing hard.   Now I add more reps and extra exercises while he talks.


Thank you,  Bob Pomykala - Pomykala Farm (www.pomykalafarm.com)
I'm thrilled with this video - the lower back focus training, because it had saved me from having to do surgery on my back. I had severe back pain and when going to doctors all I would hear is that I needed surgery. I didn't want to go through that and I decided to look for an alternative method, quite incidentally my son (who's a martial artist) had purchased Paul Zaichik's other DVD about splits, and told me that Paul also had a back pain video. I've decided to give it a shot.

I liked everything about it, the way it was presented by Paul without all that mambo jumbo about yoga's spiritual side, since he, it seems uses some aspects of yoga in this video. I liked his pleasant voice and the nice and relaxing music in the background. I liked how he explained everything and gave different variations so that I could continue at my own pace.

But most of all I loved that after following it just one time I felt my excruciating pain recede! I could finally sleep through the night! And after a few weeks of following the video every other day, I can now tell you that I am PAIN FREE!

So if you're suffering form back pain and aren't sure whether this dvd's good for you or not, let me stop your fears, this is money well spent! - Jim J.



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