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FAQ About Products
How do I know that your method is any good?

The only way to find out is to try it and see for yourself. In the meantime you can read otherís reviews of it on the forum or try googling for reviews.

How long will it take me to get a split?

Iíve stated this many times over, there is no one answer to this question. It all depends on your current level of flexibility and how much time and effort youíre ready to put into achieving your lifeís long dream. Most people report increased flexibility within days of trying the method, others say it took them a few weeks to get their splits, still others are reporting itís taking them a few month to achieve full splits. Hence, it all depends on you. On average, it is safe to say that around 6 Ė 8 weeks will get you the results youíre looking for. If you stumble along the way you can always contact me for help or visit the forum weíve put together to keep you on the right track.

How much will it cost in my currency?

Please visit the following link to convert USD into your Currency to see how much the item(s) you're interested in will cost in your currency. http://www.xe.com/ucc/

I live outside USA will your DVDís play on my DVD player?

Nearly 50% of those practicing ElasticSteel Method are from outside the US, and we havenít really had any complaints on this issue. However, should it fail to play on your DVD player, just let us know by writing to [email protected] and we will rectify this situation.

I'm past 40 and have never been able to do a split in my life. I've tried everything I could possibly get my hands on. Will your program help me, or is it too late? And what makes your method different?

It is never too late to become flexible. Yes, the ElasticSteel Method will help you. Why am I so confident? Because I have hundreds of people writing to me everyday telling me about how my method has helped them. But that's not the only reason. You see every person is unique, and everyone needs a specific approach to their training. The reason that ElasticSteel Method is so successful is because you choose what's best for YOUR body. 


Have you ever watched a mixed class of students stretching, in martial arts class? The youngsters who can do the split at the beginning of a class can do it at the end just as well or better. The adults on the other hand who suffer to get into the position at the begging of class still suffer at the end. 


Unfortunately most flexibility challenged donít get more flexible with each passing month. Most of them would, if only they had warmed up properly! Even with those poor quality stretching instruction that are now the norm; "Alright guys, spread you legs. Reach for your left foot and now for the right, and now reach forward. Ok, done with stretching, moving on.Ē Sounds familiar? Unfortunately most instructors are not experts in flexibility. If they were, you would be splitting with ease and not reading about this DVD!


The reason you weren't successful in the past is simply because you were not doing what your body needed. With the ElasticSteel Method you'll become more flexible and be able to do splits with ease, safely. My number one priority is always to make sure that whatever program I put out there is SAFE. I do not promise you to get flexible overnight. Because it is NOT possible. Also, by simply purchasing my books & videos you won't get flexible either. You actually need to work on your flexibility by following what I teach you to do and listening to your body.

Iím a dancer/cheerleader/hockey player will your program help me!?

ElasticSteel Method doesnít discriminate what you choose to use your newfound flexibility and splits for. Hence, the answer to this question is a definite YES!


It says that the DVD is 2 hours long! I donít have time to devote 2 hours everyday to this program! Will I really have to follow the DVD for 2 straight hours daily!?

Absolutely NOT! The reason the DVD is 2 hours long, is because I wanted to give you ALL the information you would possibly ever need to get those splits! I show you every routine imaginable, every trick in the book so that you can safely and steadily reach your goals and keep it up! You do not need to follow the DVD for 2 hours every day. All you need to do is follow the suggested routines outlined in the DVD insert and choose the routine thatís best for YOUR body. Then choose from the DVD menu the part that you should be following and get started! 

Okay so I am completely confused, what really is the difference between the two? Do both of them contain the same exercises? Is one a continuation of another!? Do I get GA and then GAM?

Gravity Advantage and Gravity Advantage MAX have only one thing in common, both teach you how to utilize your bodyweight only to achieve great strength and build a powerful, muscular body. 


Thereís only one section thatís the same in both books, thatís the joint warm-up routine, the rest is different. Gravity Advantage only targets upper body, with mid-section as stabilization, while Gravity Advantage MAX is a total body, each group together and in isolation, with maximum bodyweight resistance conditioning. 


If you do not have any equipment Gravity Advantage will show you how to workout every muscle in your upper body using only 2 chairs, a stick and a stack of books/two yoga blocks.


Hereís a look at what the book contains:

∑             Eleven joint warm-up exercises.

∑             A Beginning and an Advanced Stretching Routine for the whole body

∑             Twenty four body weight exercises

∑             Four progressive routines containing six exercises each.


These movements build functional strength as well as endurance. Every exercise has a purpose in the sequence.  Sequences are designed for maximum effectiveness of each exercise


Gravity Advantage MAX on the other hand, takes bodyweight exercises to a new level. This book covers your ENTIRE body, isolating each muscle group and giving you a workout of a lifetime. You should have some equipment at home, such as a pull up bar and a dip bar, a bench, etc. as GAM uses common equipment. To read more about what GAM has to offer please click here.

Should I get the Strength & Flexibility Manual or the Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits & Flexibility DVD? And really what is the difference between the two?

It all depends on what your goal is, and how you absorb the information. Some people are better at reading a book and understanding it's content, while others learn better by following along to a video. 


There are differences between the Strength & Flexibility Manual and the Splits & Flexibility DVD. If you are looking to strictly learn how to do the splits and get flexible, then you should probably purchase the DVD which goes into details and gives you absolutely all the necessary information on how to safely achieve splits and get flexible. While the book covers flexibility and splits as well, it also contains a section on how to get high, powerful kicks. 


Hence, if you are looking to get high powerful kicks and want to learn the basics of getting splits and flexibility then you should get the manual. If you want to get flexible and be able to do splits with ease, then you should purchase the DVD. The DVD doesnít have any information on kick specific training.


If you want the benefits of both worlds then a special DVD & Book combo is the way to go. By purchasing these two items together you will save money and get 5 resistance bands free of charge. For more information please click here.

What if after I purchase your products I get confused will you help me?

There is a whole forum dedicated to helping you with ElasticSteel Team and your fellow ElasticSteel Practitioners ready to lend you a helping hand, encourage you and answer any questions you may have about the method To access this forum please click here. However, should you need my personal assistance, I will be glad to help you, although it may take 3 Ė 4 days for me to get back to you, since I travel extensively