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ElasticSteel Grappler Strength & Flexibility Instructional DVD

Are you still among the minority of the athletes, who are ignorant about what grappling specific flexibility can do for your game?

If nothing else, it will make your guard impregnable. The combined strength and flexibility of your hips and thighs will have your opponent trapped in the position most advantages to you. Even in case you make a strategic mistake and loose the guard, you will effortlessly get it back due to advanced flexibility and overwhelming strength.

This newly found strength and flexibility in your hips, legs and core will make your body more relaxed, focusing on your game rather on the concerns over the limit of your abilities.

Have you ever witness a match between two evenly skilled opponents? If the technical skills are equal, the more flexible opponent will always have an advantage. This is an absolute, undeniable fact that canít be ignored. A good stand up fighter may get away without being flexible with punches and low kicks, but a flexible grappler will always have an advantage, often leading to victory on the mat.

If you think that Iím offering you another Yoga, Pilates or general stretching program, you could not be more wrong. My method is designed, tested and made for a serious grappler . All the routines skillfully combine unique stretching and strength techniques to facilitate the techniques that are taught in BJJ.

Let me tell you something: IF you are seeking Nirvana and Enlightenment, please go to your local health club, light some candles and take yoga. Be prepared to do dozens of cold, relaxed stretches that have absolutely no applications or relevance to your sport. ON the other hand if you want short grappling proficiency-focused routines that will enable you to do the most difficult grappling moves with ease, this is the DVD for you.

Like many before you, what you will find is that your body will easily meet the demand of the forces placed on it. The joints will feel like they have the flexibility of a 5 year old, and the strength of a world strongest man. The extreme flexibility and strength of your joints will surprise your opponent allowing you to implement your techniques with ease and precision, quickly ending the match in your victory.

What are those precisely targeted exercises? They are not squats, or dead lifts. Donít get me wrong; those exercises are great as general conditioning. But when specific training is concerned you must train in the same range and position as you will be in grappling. This is a simple Exercise Science principle called; Skill Transfer. The goal is to train your body for the exact demands of strength and flexibility that it will experience in actual match. Through scientific research, trial and error on my students, Iíve perfected these training techniques.

Some will say that your edge on the competition is unfair. But, guess what? Martial Arts is all about preparation and taking advantage of that preparation when the opportunity arises. With super flexibility and strength, you will quickly take advantage of every opportunity, as well as create your own. My grappling specific routines are what will give you this edge over your opponents.

If anything, let me leave you with this thought. When Yoga and Pilates were formed, grappling did not exist. It took thousands of years after yoga and almost half a century after Pilates for modern grappling to evolve. Those stretching systems were never designed for grappling. This sounds ridiculously simple, but itís an obvious truth. Yet many people try to use yoga or Pilates to improve their grappling. It does not work. Even if you do become slightly more flexible, you wonít develop the needed strength, and the hyper laxative joints will become your liability, rather than an asset. Donít waste your time on workouts that were never meant for a grappler. Get this DVD and you will be on your way to improved grappling game within weeks.

Forget about being a Jack of all trades. Become a master of one. Through the use of this DVD, you will get the necessary strength and flexibility building tools to become a master grappler.

This DVD is broken out into 3 Routines:

The first routine is for grapplers who are not very strong or flexible as far as core and lower body is concerned. The strength and flexibility are both grappling oriented. Being able to do splits or squat hundreds of pounds doesnít prepare you for grappling, for this reason so many advanced athletes may have to start with the basic routine.

Second routine is more advanced. If you feel comfortable with this routine that means that your past or present instructor knows something about functional strength and flexibility training. Upon a few months of practicing this routine your strength, muscular endurance and flexibility will be improved tremendously and this will prove on the mat.

The third routine is very specific to grappling techniques and has what it takes to elevate you from good to great.

If you are a grappler looking to supplement your time on the mat, this is the only tape youíll ever need. Just follow the routines and your strength and flexibility will soon reach new heights.