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Vertical Jump DVD


So you want to dunk, while spinning through the air without breaking a sweat? Maybe throw a few kicks (in one jump) to the head of your opponent without a running start. Or perhaps, spike so hard that no one on the other side of the net can defend. You guessed it! I'm talking about a program for - VERTICAL HIGH JUMP A good vertical leap will enable all of these high level skills.

THERE IS A PROBLEM, HOWEVER: There are dozens of vertical jump programs out there. And most are untested and go way overboard. Sorry, WAY, WAY overboard. They throw in dozens of jumping exercises, hoping that somehow they will work in "luck of draw", chance combination. Hoping that -the more you do, the more you will get.(Train stupid hard, not super smart theory) If you don't believe me, buy some of the leading programs and see for yourself. You will see the same thing I see.

Is there a problem associated with of having to do so many different jumping exercises, without a concrete, well tested system? There are TWO and they're BIG:

If you are going to spend a long time working on your jump, you won't have the time to work on your skills . Or energy for that matter. You want to dunk, kick, spike, etc, right? How are you going to work on these skills, if those crazy vertical leap programs will suck all the juices out of you?

You better hope, you can walk after those. No, not just to your house after practice. But for the next month or two. I've seen high school and college coaches use these lunatic programs, injuring their guys and girls left and right.

After looking through many programs, reading more books than you care to know, and very carefully having athletes try the program, I found out a few things.

1. There is a limit to how many sets and reps of a particular exercise can physiologically lead to improvement . After that you are just asking for injury, wasting your energy and pretty much beating a dead horse.

2. Some combination of exercises work better than others . Some exercises don't go together. Just because everyone uses them, doesn't mean anything. Once you got everything you could out of a particular group of muscles, in a certain range and angle, no pep talk, butt slapping or any other "motivational" technique will make those muscles, give you an ounce more. They are done for the days. Shut the door and thrown the key away for the next 48 hours.

3. How you combine the movements in a workout (what goes first, what goes second), has a significant impact on both injury prevention and jumping height benefits. Bodybuilders are ahead of the game here. They know what not to train before what. Even their noobs quickly learn. However, coaches who specialize in various sports and not in leaping height development, don't have a faintest clue. And athletes are stuck, wasting their time with a bunch of jumping exercises, which should not even be called "training programs".

4. My program is nothing special, it's not magic, it's not miracle. It's what people who want to jump higher should be doing, but they are not doing it. It's just a program that works. It works fast, it's works safe, nothing more, nothing less.

So here is the deal. You get a DVD. With Just 6 sections. (And a PDF, for convenience)

Section 1. Preparatory Strength and Flexibility Exercises. You are going to put crazy pressure on your body. Well you better be ready for it. That's the strength part. The flexibility part. The more flexible you are (right kind of flexibility, don't confuse things here) the higher you will jump, and faster recover. That simple, not rocket science.

Section 2. Warm Up right kind of warm up makes a difference measurable in inches. Ball in the basket vs ball not in the basket, kick below the head vs kick to the , effortless ball block, vs "why did the ball just go over my fingers", those kind of inches. And that's just a warm up. Use it to warm up for games or competitions if you want to, but I am showing it here for your vertical jump workout.

Section 3,4,5 Three different workouts, to be done every 48 hours. Each one lasting 15-20 minutes tops. Yes, that short. Any more than that and, well you remember the poor horse. Stop beating it. Leave it alone...

Section 6. Just an intro. You probably won't watch it anyway and go to the juicy stuff as soon as the DVD starts playing.

So, the program, prepares you for 3 things.

1. To Jump on to objects as high as you want . (On a roof of a car, let's say)

2. To leap over serious heights . (Say your surprised girl friend, I would tell her first though, unless you want trouble.)

3. To reach with your hand for pretty tall things . (Say a guys head, who is standing on the other guys shoulders, or basket with a ball in your hand)

Ok enough. Here is the link. Go get it tiger!


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