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Body Weight Training Seminar



This course covers every muscle group and shows how bodyweight training can target any specific muscle group or a needed movement. The world of bodyweight training is taken out of content of a few popular exercises such as dips and crunches and explored through its full spectrum. A person walking away from this course will know how to train for any specific goal using only his or her own weight. 


Bodyweight training is much more than a few variations of pushups, sit ups and chin ups. It's a science of its own. This course teaches you how to train anywhere at any time for any specific goal. You will be surprised to learn that using a great variety of bodyweight training techniques, anyone of the following can achieve their goal with only bodyweight training: A bodybuilder;  A combatant; Someone trying to loose weight; Someone who want to tone up; Someone who wants to gain weight.


You will learn hundreds and hundreds of bodyweight exercises that add fun and variety to every workout, even if you don't train purely bodyweight. If you know the ins and out of bodyweight training, there is no muscle group and no movement than can't be trained purely with bodyweight. A gym full of equipment can be replaced by bodyweight training if the knowledge of this vast field is present.
You will learn:
  • Dozens of Superior designed, goal oriented, bodyweight specific, routines
  • Hundreds of Unique bodyweight techniques
  • Ever week a specific topic is discussed:
    • Weight Loss
    • Endurance Training
    • Strength Training
    • BodyWeight - BodyBuilding
    • Deep Ranges of Movement
    • Core Training and advanced skills
    • Neglected muscle groups
    • Circuit Training an so much more!!!
  • Learn how to boost your cardiovascular endurance and health without the use of treadmills, bicycles or ever running a single step! 
  • Put on mass just like a Bodybuilder by only using your own BodyWeight!

This course is taught as the upper body/ lower body split for the most part. You can choose to workout 4 or 6 times a week. If you decide to do only bodyweight training for these three months, it will be an eye opening journey.Overall you will increase your knowledge of flexibility, better your body and truly have a great experience!

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