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Shoulder Stretching, Range of Motion & Flexibility Program DVD

Dear ElasticSteel Practitioners, it is my pleasure to announce the release of the Shoulder Stretching, Range of Motion & Flexibility Program that all of you have been so eagerly waiting for.

Whatever the reason for your shoulder improper mobility, you are all sure of one thing, your shoulder is "messed up" and you need it to function to its full capacity!

Whether you're looking to improve your shoulder mobility to:

-Move your arm up and over your head, down and behind your back, etc.,

-Ability to do Painless, Unrestricted Overhead Throws or Serve

-Full Range of Motion Dips

-To simply be able to take your coat off without pain

-Or put the dishes away up to the top shelve with a smile...

This program is for YOU!

This is the first program that does not use a COOKIE CUTTER approach. YOU GET what YOU NEED personally!

This DVD is designed to give you what you want (or need) without forcing you to do the things that you don't want or like to do. In other words, it has sections with mini programs for various range of motion. Why? Because I decided to avoid doing, what most Physical Therapists do and patient hate; A cookie cutter program that's the same for everyone: a high school athlete, a middle aged weekend warrior and a retired senior would all get the same exercises to do. A teenager needs 180 flexion for a basket ball dunk, a 50 year old dad need a good lateral rotation for a throw, while all that grandpa wants is to be able to buckle his car safety belt.

They all need different range of motion. They may only be restricted in those ranges, yet in rehab they will all be doing the same non-specific often outdated stretches and ROM protocols.

This has been told to me over and over again by people who asked me for help. Same story. Thus the program I developed allows you to quickly choose what you want in terms of your shoulder capability, without wasting time on the stuff you will never use.

Here is a quick break down of what this DVD features.

Conditioning Exercises for acute injuries.


Yes you read right. Exercises for acute injuries. These are the exercises you need to do in order to make sure you have your shoulder re-covered fast, during your injury. Research showed that sitting on your butt and waiting for your shoulder to heal is not the best thing to do.

     In this section you will learn what to do while you heal. 

Conditioning Exercise for chronic injuries/ poor range of motion in healthy athletes.

If you coach just shows you a few stretches and sends you away, he is not doing his job. The shoulder needs to be strong and protected when you work on flexibility otherwise what you are doing will one day go cabum and you will be in the category with the acute guys above that.

This section shows you the basic moves to prevent you from messing yourself up while working on your range of motion.

Massage and Release

Two sections actually on this. Yes, it's that important and I want to make sure you understand it well, and thus doubled the information. So we got pictures, drawings, demonstrations, the whole shabang. Just so you know on numerous occasions stretching was tried with and without massage and release. It's like trying to run two miles with 80lbs back pack, vs running unloaded.

This section shows you how to release your tissues and increase your range of motion gains at 2-3 fold.


This part of the DVD takes apart all the restrictions to "arm straight up over the head" so to speak. Regardless if you want a perfect serve in tennis, overhead throw in football, slam dunk in basketball, hand stand in gymnastics or over the head lifts in olympic lifting, following this mini program will improve you game and make the magic happen.

This segment takes you through a special routine that will allow you to lift you arms over your head like a kid again.


Underhand pitcher? Gymnastic? Bar athlete? A friendly Joe who keeps things behind your back and need to reach for them? This section is for you.

This part of the DVD teaches you how to increase your "behind the back" range of motion, with a flavor of lateral and medial rotation for an extra kick.

Internal Rotation

This bad boy is hard to spot, yet it's everywhere. It's hidden in punches, muscle ups, serves and throws. It's worst offense is making the shoulder girdle do it's work, leading to injuries, some times very quickly.

Internal Rotation section takes you through a focuses mini-program to free up this grabber and put a smile on your shoulders :)

External Rotation

You may want to think of this function of the shoulder as the little guy that hides in places and puts your skills a step out of reach. Frustrating little bugger. Lack of good external rotation will take away the power from your throws and serves, will tire out your hand techniques and forearm guard in fighting, and will put unnecessary pressure on many of your body weight exercises and weighted lifts.

Pay careful attention to this section, as this mini program polish your technique in rather easily, that you may be saying to yourself; "Wow, all this time, all I need was this..."

Other consideration for shoulder health.

Even a middle school student would know that exercise is not all that there is to fitness and health. In this section I give food for thought as well as advice about fastest ways possible to support shoulder health and healing.

Do you have a desired range of motion in your shoulder for your daily occupational and your sporting needs? If the answer is yes, congratulations. Keep your shoulders happy and healthy!

On the other hand if you need help, Get the Shoulder Flexibility, Stretching and Range of Motion DVD.

This program has helped many people of various ages and occupations.

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