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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stances for Martial Arts

Dear Fellow ElasticSteel, Martial Arts and Yoga practitioners. Over the last few years, I got repeated requests to do a DVD on how to master the stances. The requests came from various styles of martial arts, as well as from Yoga practitioners.

There are three components to stances, which most people lack. These are:
  • Flexibility or Depth
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Balance and Stability  
In addition common requests had to do with muscle and joint pain while performing the stances. If you are reading this, there must be a part of your stances that you want to improve. What you may not know, is that all the factors mentioned above are very interdependent. Take balance for instance. If you try to go deeper than you flexibility allows, you will fall off balance. If your joints begin to hurt, you will get out of stance or will find yourself off balance as well. The same would happen if you lack strength or endurance, you are bound to fall in one direction or another. Now that you know the above, you may be surprised to find that your strength maybe lacking due to your lack of flexibility. Your joints may hurt due to poor strength, balance or flexibility as well.

In many cases martial arts, yoga and dance practitioners, and even gymnasts or figure skaters, get stuck in a never ending cycle.  In most cases, the above nightmare scenario happens, when the skill is drilled without any outside modalities. In other words, the stance keeps getting repeated, during each workout in hopes that somehow one day it will just get better.

For those who are not familiar with my method yet, let me tell you, it's very different. ElasticSteel works on each modality individually, but quickly capitalizes on each modality to pull the other along. To put it simply, special flexibility exercises will improve the flexibility for the stances, and right away the strength will be developed into these new ranges. So that now you have deeper stances, which are also very stable, super strong and ready get even deeper. Same applies to any other favorable factor.

I know that when you are reading this, you are thinking about your individual activity. You can be a dancer, figure skater, martial artist or yoga practitioner. Further down, you can be a practitioner of one of the large number of sub discipline. You can be a martial artist who does Wushu or Shotokan. Hapkido or Shaolin Kungfu, etc, etc.

The question you are probably asking yourself is, can this video help the stances of my specific style. The answer is, yes it can and this is why I am mentioning this concern. When preparing to make this video, I contacted various martial arts, yoga and dance practitioners and asked them to send me the pictures and videos of the stances, together with a list of concerns. Later on I kinesiologically analyzed the stances, to see which have the common denominator. In other words which exercises transfer over to the stances in question.

For example, there is stance A,B, and C. Trying to improve stance A will also help B, but not C. C will help only C, but training to improve stance B will help A,B,and C. So which stance improvement do you think I used? Stance B of course.  After the analysis I tested everything to make sure it, works in real life. 

In this DVD, I don't show stance C, I teach how to improve it. There is a huge difference. So, be prepared, that the DVD may not contain anything that resembles you favorite stances or a movements from you style of yoga, martial arts or dance, but it will surely get your legs strong, flexible and balanced to do the stances, in question.

This DVD has a compilation of everything that you need to master your stances. I have put various people through this program, before releasing it and it worked very well. The improvement was way beyond the stances themselves. Everyone reported increase in general flexibility, balance and strength. The martial arts students and teachers for example quickly developed more speed, power and control in the kicks, punches and other techniques, which is the true power of good stances!

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