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ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy Online Seminar


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"Too much conditioning and drilling! Just kidding. Awesome seminar"~Bruce
Average Customer Review: This seminar is a godsend for everybody in martial arts.Starting with conditioning,building up and setting up new habits,this is the way to grow to mastery !The last lesson is full of gems.To properly digest all that information takes time,but I see a difference in my sparing (full contact karate) already.
I recommend not to skip on conditionning.I think it is integral part to build on.I am a professional musician(cellist) and I can see similarities how to grow masters on the stage,and this seminar.Bravo,Paul !! ~
Ludovit Kanta

"Paul I took all three of your online seminars. I liked all three, but this one is the best. The parallels you make between war strategies and ring strategies are very useful. The only suggestion I have is to start each lesson on Sunday or Saturday instead of Monday, since it's best to take in new information on a weekend with no distractions. If you do any more courses on combat or fitness, I'll be the first one in line". ~Barbara Novak

"I think the course's real value is that it is the first attempt that I've seen at least to put footwork into a formal training structure that is relevant to all martial art systems. While myself and a lot of my students pretty know most of the material that Paul and his team are presenting (although the polarities material is something new to me), we all learnt it the hard way without any in-depth formal instruction in what I consider to be the foundation of any martial art. My own background was very linear and I worked out most of the angular stuff for myself. I am now putting some of the drills into my own classes so other students can pick up these skills faster. So, yes a good investment from my point of view." ~

If you are a martial artist, then the ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy Seminar is your dream come true!

In this extraordinary seminar Paul reveals fighting secrets of top champions! 

The clue here is not in how they kick or punch, but in how they think, move and what secrets they know. Paul doesn't only share these secrets with you, but teaches you how to quickly master them and make them your own.

Prepare for the 15 weeks of eye opening, information supercharged course that will make you a much, much better fighter, guaranteed!

You will learn:

How to hit without getting hit

How to Control your opponent's body and mind through the quality of your own movement

How to control the distance and strike whenever you feel like it; denying the other fighter an opportunity touch you.

You will master the art of sensing the right time to attack: Every few seconds any fighter goes from strong position to the vulnerable one, and back to strong.

When to attack and when to stay put.


This is just the tip of the iceberg!


There is no seminar available anywhere that can match this amount of high quality information from one source!

If just a fraction (as little as 10%) of the material taught in this seminar will make you a more formidable opponent in the ring and on the street, imagine what the entire seminar will do for you, as a fighter!

Take action now to master the secrets of the best fighters in the world!
What is Warrior Strategy?

In a nutshell, it is a 15 week journey into everything that champions of different styles of hand to hand combat and commanders of conquering armies used to win the fight or the battle.

This is the best kept secret in Martial Arts. Only a few know it and most take these strategies to the grave.
Any Martial Arts Master will teach you how to kick or punch, but almost no one will teach you how to win, how to get those kicks and punches to your target, while easily making sure your opponent is defenseless against you.

My research into ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy started many years ago when I noticed that champions are not the fastest or the strongest people, but are those who know something that others do not, and use that knowledge to score and win.

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Let me tell you right now that ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy is not about positive thinking or about believing that you are the best (No offense to Tony Robins) . It's about achieving complete dominance over your opponent by mastering the control and awareness of your own body; about knowing what to do in any situation, against any type of opponent.  It's about being able to actually carry out your plan, learning, mastering and picking the best mental strategy. It's about having the physical attributes to carry out this tactic; and finally about combining the right strategy and physical ability to make magic.

How do I know this? Here is how. As a teenager training in martial arts, I was an excellent technician. I had explosive and powerful kicks. I had fast and devastating hands. Yet, there were some fighters that I just could not beat. I could not beat them in point fighting; I could not beat them in full contact.

I did all that I could and sometimes would get a kick or a punch in, but most of the time I would lose the match. Forward a decade later. Now having an education in the science of human movement, having access to high speed equipment and cameras, I had decided to answer the questions I had once and for all. No one else was going to answer it for me, so I decided to do this myself.

At first I would watch many champions in slow motion sometimes dozens of times over and over again, trying to figure out what they did. Exactly how much their front foot moved when they made an angle, exactly how much weight was on each foot. I studied the timing of their attack, the distance they were from their opponent, and the maneuvers they used to control their position and distance. After a few months of spending hours in front of the screen I began to get answers. I also began to try them out in the ring both as a fighter and as a trainer.

The more I got into the strategies of top fighters, the more I began to realize that many strategies begin five, ten and sometimes even thirty seconds before the punch or kick makes contact. Sometimes the set up for one technique would take one or two rounds. Everything was very suddle and a very tightly kept secret.

Trying to apply these strategies to my trainees and myself, I realized that, some things can't be done by everyone. Certain footwork or fakes required specific strength, balance or speed not everyone had. Those modalities had to be developed. I began experimenting with different kinds of conditioning and transfer-over exercises and finally, after finding the right ones all of a sudden, the impossible strategies became possible!

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. The next big hurdle I had to tackle is the applications of different plays in relations to different fighters. Some fighters are too short, some are too slow, some are too big, or small to pull off certain strategies; what works against one opponent, doesn't work against the other one.  After thousands of trials and errors I finally began to see what plays to recommend for one type of fighter against the other.

Amazingly I began to score on what I consider to be more experienced opponents. Scoring turned to dominating. After all, I don't spend 5-6 days in a ring, since I write, research and teach a lot. Compare this to people who train at least 3 hours a day, almost every day of the week. Having not sparred for a while, I began to enjoy it more and more. I also began to participate in many specialized competitive drills with top athletes. Hey, when you can easily out-spar the person who is faster, stronger, more agile, and younger than you, just because of your superior combat analytical ability and specialized training, the game becomes so much more fun.

Armed with years of experimentation, experience and research, I set out to put together a seminar that would blow anyone's mind, even the most experienced of masters. Over the last year and a half, I conducted small group, private seminars to the most advanced masters of combat strategies that I had contact with. Two things came out of this. One, I was happy to see that most of the information I presented was new to people who I truly consider my superiors in martial arts. Two, despite having armed myself with large amount of knowledge, I got to learn many interesting bits and pieces, that I did not already know. I also got a ton of a high level informed critique on the information that I presented.

After having done many revisions, I finally molded the ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy Seminar into a form that I am happy with. It's my privilege to say, that I am truly convinced that this is the best seminar that I have put together so far.

ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy Seminar is divided into three parts, each part lasts 5 weeks.

The first 5 weeks consists of very specific conditioning. Regardless of what shape you are in, you are not conditioned to do what is required from you to carry out the movements and strategies taught in second and third 5 weeks of the course. The reason I am telling you this is because I have taught specific strategies and maneuvers to fighters without conditioning them first, and most could not do them in combat, the few that could, struggled for a long time. That  time could have been cut shorter, if the specific conditioning was in place.  Hence, the first 5 weeks of classes will focus on conditioning your body to carry out various strategies in following classes.

The next set of 5 weeks are movements, strategies and plays as well as their application. Just as you have learned kicks and punches in front of the mirror or on the pads, here you learn strategies and plays.

The third and final 5 weeks you are placed in specific situations, where you get to try out your tactic against your partner and he gets to try his counter tactics on you. Notice, you try a tactic, not a kick or a punch. As you will see in the seminar, there is a huge difference between the former and the later.

Saved the best for last. In lesson 15 I go over my favorite strategies. I talk about what I personally do against everything that can be thrown against me. What I do against someone who is bigger, stronger, faster. I share what works against an opponent  who is more agile, has longer reach, faster step, better sense of distance or timing, etc.

At the end of this seminar, should you choose to do so, you will be able to get a certificate of completion which will acknowledge you to be an ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy Specialist. Please note that this certificate is acknowledgement of completion only, and does not allow you to teach ElasticSteel Warrior Strategies to your students as a separate course, but only to use the information you've learned to guide them inside the scope of your own practice, etc. To get this certificate you would have to pass an exam. There is an additional cost for the exam which is $50.00. The exam will consist of questions that you will need to answer and a video that you will need to send of yourself performing certain movements and strategies.

SPECIAL OFFER: Once you take the seminar you have 15 weeks to complete it. Once the 15 weeks are up, you no longer have access to these videos, you will get detailed handouts at the end of each lesson that you can keep, but during the 15 week period you can watch each video (you will be presented with 1 video a week) as many times as you wish. Furthermore, you will be able to re-take this seminar and have access for another 15 weeks to it at a later date, 1 time for FREE. So in essence you're getting 30 weeks of access to this seminar so that you can retain all the information. But that's not all, if after taking this seminar twice you decide that that's not enough, or you forgot something and wish to view it again, then there will be a small $30.00 fee to re-take it each additional time for up to 2 times, while the seminar is being offered.

For example, say you take the seminar right now, 15 weeks later the seminar is over and you no longer have access to this information. A few weeks or months go by and you're starting to forget what you've learned, and want to see the videos again. You simply have to contact us with your order # and we will grant you access to this seminar for another 15 weeks, free of charge. Then a while later you feel that taking the seminar twice wasn't enough. Once again you'll contact us with your order #, we'll send you an invoice for $30.00 and grant you access to another 15 weeks of this seminar, up to 2 times. So you have a lot of time to keep watching these videos. 

Please note that you can register for this seminar at any time you wish. These seminars are not live, but are pre-recorded allowing you the convenience to take them whenever you wish.This is not a live seminar, but is pre-recorded, allowing you to view each lesson as many times as you want at any time/day that you wish. All you need is a computer and internet connection to take this class. Once again, you can view each lesson at ANY time that is convenient for you. If you would like to become an ElasticSteel Warrior Strategy Specialist please select the Certification option.

The introductory price for this seminar $249.99 (USD) which comes roughly to $17.00 a week.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AT ANY POINT IN CLASS: That means that if after week one, you feel that you like what you learn, but the course is not for you. You will get back the total payments, minus the pay for that week. So for example at the end of first week you'll get whatever you paid back less the $16.67 per week/per class, no questions asked. 

I am offering you this money back guarantee, because I know that with all the information that I have to offer, I need to give you a chance to see what the course is about. This way you don't have to commit your time or your money without testing out what the course can do for you. For those of you wondering why a week by week payments are not offered; the reason is to avoid unnecessary hassles once the course starts, so that you do not have to worry paying for the course on time every week and thus stand a chance of missing that week's progression. 

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