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Get Rid of Back Pain - Lower Back Focus Training - Improving your lower back health. At Home with Paul Zaichik. Point Balance -Incorporating balance training into a strength and flexibility conditioning program. At Home with Paul Zaichik Props Advantage -Using yoga strap and blocks to take your skill to the higher level. At Home with Paul Zaichik
Regular Price: $29.95
Regular Price: $29.95
Regular Price: $29.95
Let me show you how to GET RID of BACK PAIN in less than 15 MINUTES a day! In this video Iíll take you through a great workout aimed at improving your lower back health. All the muscles surrounding your lumbar are properly stretched and strengthened. This leads to equilibrium and safe positioning for your lower spine.  

-Learn the secrets to superb balance Ė a must have for EVERY Martial Artist! With the techniques taken from The ElasticSteel Strength & Flexibility Method and Yoga you will learn how to improve your balance while developing your strength flexibility and stamina.

Many people find yoga difficult due to lack of strength or flexibility to do the postures. Yoga props can make everyoneís yoga session relaxing and enjoyable. Learn how to use simple strap and blocks to get the benefits of yoga, regardless of your strength & flexibility level.

Knee Injury for Martial Arts DVD - Learn how to get rid of knee pain, understand why your knee injury happend and prevent future injuries Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Stances for Martial Arts Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits DVD with 1 FREE Resistance Band!
List Price: $49.95
Regular Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $39.95
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List Price: $59.95
Regular Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $39.95
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Regular Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95
You save $10.00!
Splits Flexibility Stretching
Knee injury for Martial Arts DVD takes your injury apart, allowing you to understand it and correct it once and for all, to minimize the chance of it ever happening again. Knee injury for Martial Arts DVD provides you with exercises that come from my personal knowledge of kinesiology, biomechanics, research on published material and personal experience with martial artists and their injuries.

This DVD has a compilation of everything that you need to master your stances. I have put various people through this program, before releasing it and it worked very well. The improvement was way beyond the stances themselves. Everyone reported increase in general flexibility, balance and strength. The martial arts students and teachers for example quickly developed more speed, power and control in the kicks, punches and other techniques, which is the true power of good stances!


Combining years of research and experimentation Paul Zaichik brings his best selling Strength & Flexibility Training Manual to life!
Learn from the master himself how to achieve:
  • A True Front Split
  • An Open Front Split
  • A Side Split
Everything you need to know is compiled in this incredible 2 hour, information packed DVD. Simple and straight forward, with easy to understand percise instructions and follow along routines that you can do along side Paul Zaichik himself from the comforts of your own home! Get the DVD today and save $10.00! Plus get 1 FREE resistance band!
ElasticSteel Grappler - Strength & Flexibility Instructional DVD Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Front Kick DVD! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a RoundHouse Kick DVD!
Regular Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $49.95
You save $10.04!
Regular Price: $69.95
Regular Price: $69.95
Splits Flexibility Stretching Front Kicking Strength Power Height Technique Kicking Strength Power Height Technique RoundHouse Round House Kick
Grappler Instructional Strength & Flexibility DVD

ElasticSteel grappler is a perfect balance of strength and flexibility training aimed at improving the game of a grappler.

Presently grapplers from all walks of life are beginning to recognize the benefits of flexible lower body. What people are slow to see are the benefits of specific strength development.

Many grapplers still rely on squats and other similar exercise in their training. Those are great general conditioning tools, but they donít transfer to a very specific strength needed on the ground in close quarters, where most of the game takes place.

Specific strength does a lot more than that. It helps to develop flexibility. In other words strong quadriceps wonít help when you want to develop flexibility in your inner thighs or outer hips.

At the same time specific strength allows the flexibility to be functional. For example, what good is your ability to get your leg into the right position if you have no strength to maneuver it, once itís there?

ElasticSteel Grappler DVD hits all these points right on the bullís eyes. Every exercise is designed to develop strength or flexibility and in many cases both abilities simultaneously for specific applications in close quarters.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a FRONT KICK DVD

We invite you take an educational journey into the most basic kick in martial arts Ė The Front Kick.  In this incredible DVD you will learn the three variants of this kick:


  • The Snap Front Kick
  • The Push Front Kick
  • The Stump Front Kick

Use this instructional, to score knockouts in the ring, or gain points in your forms competition for graceful, fast, high and powerful kicks.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a ROUNDHOUSE KICK DVD

This DVD shows you everything you need to master a snap roundhouse kick and an authentic Mauy Thai Roundhouse kick. A special focus is placed on the hip and mid-section to develop the swing of the bat power in the Thai Roundhouse kick. 11 various Sections of this DVD will give you a great insight into the complete mastery of the Roundhouse kick.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a Side Kick & Hook Kick DVD!
Regular Price: $99.95
Kicking Strength Power Height Technique Side Kick and Hook Kick
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a SIDE KICK & HOK KICK DVD

This DVD focuses on two basic, yet often misunderstood kicks. In this video Paul Zaichik shows you the most efficient drills needed to master every aspect of the side kick and hook kick. It doesnít have to take years to master a perfect kick, if you know what to practice. Indeed very few masters in the world, who perfected their own kicks, know how to quickly and safely pass the skills on to others. This DVD will fill this gap.