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Splits and Flexibility Online 12 Weeks In Depth Course with Paul Zaichik
Splits and Flexibility Online 12 Weeks In Depth Course with Paul Zaichik

You can register for this seminar at any time you wish. Once you register you will also get preliminary exercises guides. These seminars are not live, but are pre-recorded allowing you the convenience to take them whenever you wish..  For most current conversion rates please visit http://www.xe.com/ucc/
List Price: $360.00
Regular Price: $199.99
Sale Price: $199.99
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Dear Paul, Your work is a big inspiration to me and by the 6th week I was having comments from people about how much more flexible and toned I look. Thank you very much! -Natalie Krapf

Hi Paul, All I have to say is YOU ARE GOD SEND!!!! After the course I not only got my full split, but my kicking height increased dramatically!!! Thank you so MUCH!!!! - John Miller

Paul, I'm a grappler and just want to thank you for putting together such a thorough seminar! I took the splits & flexibility seminar and together with the Grappler DVD, I can now get into positions I never thought I'd ever be able to. Keep 'em coming! - Greg Butterfield

Took Splits Seminar and LOVED IT! Just wanted to say thanks for all the information and effort you've put into this program. It totally shows that you've done tons of research and have lots of experience in this field. I thought I would never be able to do a split in my life as i've tried so many different systems out there, but then I took your seminar and found out what works specifically for me. Thank you again! Take Care - Mike Sachs

"I have got to tell you that mr. Zaichik is right on the mark for exercise conditioning...  i do diagnostic ultrasound imaging for a living and i see clinically a lot problems with muscle-skeletal pathology.  a lot of which could be prevented if... if they knew and applied your method of conditioning.  it is also commendable and extraordinary that you can also perform the movements that you prescribe.  it took me quite a while to get accustomed to program.. it is a lot of hard work but i enjoyed every bit of it know that i am doing and what ive via your program is the best i can do to keep my balance, joints and posture healthy... thank you soo much..".billy rybak

This course goes in depths into the ElasticSteel principles and how they are applied to general flexibility and splits. Muscle groups and their respective stretches are taught in correct sequences. Many modalities that assist in muscle relaxation and facilitate stretching techniques are explained.
The goal of this seminar is maximal flexibility at the completion of the course

You will learn:

  • Muscle sequencing and how specific muscles influence the flexibility of other muscle groups.
  • How difference technique influence muscle elasticity.
  • Many modalities of muscles relaxation will be explored:
  • Nutrition
  • Palpation
  • Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Fatigue
  • Etc.
  • The focus of this class will be on splits as well as flexibility of all muscle groups.
  • You will learn how to place yourself in positions where a muscle is being stretched; rather than attempt is made to increase the joint angle.
  • You will learn how to combine the principles of reciprocal inhibition, PNF and extended length conditioning for safest and optimal stretching routines.
  • A part of the seminars will focus on the fact that not all stretches are created equal and how to pick the best stretches for your goals.
"Paul, I did your twelve week flexibilitiy course and achieved great results with it.In my nearly 40 years of martial arts training, I have not found a flexibility training program that is as effective as Paul's Elastic Steel System." -Thanks Oguz Goknur

In this seminar...

  • Each week a new video with follow along instructions and explanations on what you need to focus on for that week, with progression from one week to the next.
  • Feedback on what you are doing right or wrong based on your explanations/videos and/or pictures that you send in for evaluation for that week, to help guide you and give you maximum results
  • You will be able to access videos of weekly instructions as many times as you want to for that particular week from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Furthermore you will be able to go back to any lesson you choose to repeat again and again for the duration of the course (12 weeks) until full completion.
  • Each lessons features a printout guide to help you achieve the best results. 
Overall you will increase your knowledge of flexibility, better your body and truly have a great experience!
Once you register you will receive all the details of how to access these videos, the exact date the classes start and more!

The price of each 12 week course is $199.99 (USD) which comes roughly to $17.00 a week.
That means that if after week one, you feel that you like what you learn, but the course is not for you. You will get back the total payments, minus the pay for that week. So for example at the end of first week you’ll get whatever you paid back less the $16.67 per week/per class, no questions asked.


I am offering you this money back guarantee, because I know that with all the information that I have to offer, I need to give you a chance to see what the course is about. This way you don’t have to commit your time or your money without testing out what the course can do for you. For those of you wondering why a week by week payments are not offered; the reason is to avoid unnecessary hassles once the course starts, so that you do not have to worry paying for the course on time every week and thus stand a chance of missing that week’s progression. 

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