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You can read Paul Zaichik's tips and suggestions in the health and fitness pages of the country’s most popular magazines & newspapers.  To view many different articles & get FREE tips on flexibility training please visit our forum located HERE.
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Enhancing the body weight training program.(The supplement your push-ups have been longing for)For years I wondered about one training exercise, which is very commonly used in Martial Arts training halls. No upper body development exercise is used more commonly then push-ups. Don't get me wrong, it's a great exercise. Everyone has done it and most practitioners believe in it. Depending on the variation, specific pushing muscles can be developed. Front of the shoulder, upper and lower chest, triceps, abdominals and legs are also developed as stabilizers. Let's make it very clear, this article is not about usefulness or uselessness of push-ups. Rather, it's about practicing only push-ups for the upper body development and ignoring the principals of equilibrium, or Yin-Yen if you will...
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The Gravity Advantage - Upper Body Conditioning Training Manual The Gravity Advantage MAX - Total Body Conditioning Training Manual Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Splits DVD with 1 FREE Resistance Band!
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Regular Price: $59.95
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Splits Flexibility Stretching

A guide that teaches you the exotic and incredibly effective body weight exercises to develop
No equipment necessary
The exercises that involve full range movement. No isometrics, your body weight is the sole resistance.Every exercise has a purpose in the sequence.  Sequences are designed for maximum effectiveness of each exercise. Before investing into equipment or GYM fees I encourage you to try this program. Learn how to develop a truly functional strength in your core muscles without endless abdominal exercises.
A guide that teaches you how to utilize your total body weight to develop

If you are tired of your old work out routine where you constantly do the same old pull ups, chin ups, push ups, press ups, dips. Squats and sit ups, I've got great news for you." says Paul Zaichik "I've put a variety of different level body weight exercises for you to choose from, so that you won't be bored with your workout".
Everyone who honestly follows this program for a few months, has a potential to not only be able to develop a ripped muscular physique, but also muscular might, never before thought possible, without ever lifting weights. The secret of this program is the progressive loading of muscle groups through the use of one’s own body weight and gravity

Strength, self-esteem and personal physical appearance are qualities gained from The Gravity Advantage Max. Because some exercises are inverted it allows the body to reverse the toll of gravity. Improved lymph flow, blood flow, youthful appearance as well as many other health factors are a part of Gravity Advantage Max program.


Combining years of research and experimentation Paul Zaichik brings his best selling Strength & Flexibility Training Manual to life!
Learn from the master himself how to achieve:
  • A True Front Split
  • An Open Front Split
  • A Side Split
Everything you need to know is compiled in this incredible 2 hour, information packed DVD. Simple and straight forward, with easy to understand percise instructions and follow along routines that you can do along side Paul Zaichik himself from the comforts of your own home! Get the DVD today and save $10.00! Plus get 1 FREE resistance band!
ElasticSteel Grappler - Strength & Flexibility Instructional DVD Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Front Kick DVD! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a RoundHouse Kick DVD!
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Regular Price: $69.95
Splits Flexibility Stretching Front Kicking Strength Power Height Technique Kicking Strength Power Height Technique RoundHouse Round House Kick
Grappler Instructional Strength & Flexibility DVD

ElasticSteel grappler is a perfect balance of strength and flexibility training aimed at improving the game of a grappler.

Presently grapplers from all walks of life are beginning to recognize the benefits of flexible lower body. What people are slow to see are the benefits of specific strength development.

Many grapplers still rely on squats and other similar exercise in their training. Those are great general conditioning tools, but they don’t transfer to a very specific strength needed on the ground in close quarters, where most of the game takes place.

Specific strength does a lot more than that. It helps to develop flexibility. In other words strong quadriceps won’t help when you want to develop flexibility in your inner thighs or outer hips.

At the same time specific strength allows the flexibility to be functional. For example, what good is your ability to get your leg into the right position if you have no strength to maneuver it, once it’s there?

ElasticSteel Grappler DVD hits all these points right on the bull’s eyes. Every exercise is designed to develop strength or flexibility and in many cases both abilities simultaneously for specific applications in close quarters.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a FRONT KICK DVD

We invite you take an educational journey into the most basic kick in martial arts – The Front Kick.  In this incredible DVD you will learn the three variants of this kick:


  • The Snap Front Kick
  • The Push Front Kick
  • The Stump Front Kick

Use this instructional, to score knockouts in the ring, or gain points in your forms competition for graceful, fast, high and powerful kicks.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a ROUNDHOUSE KICK DVD

This DVD shows you everything you need to master a snap roundhouse kick and an authentic Mauy Thai Roundhouse kick. A special focus is placed on the hip and mid-section to develop the swing of the bat power in the Thai Roundhouse kick. 11 various Sections of this DVD will give you a great insight into the complete mastery of the Roundhouse kick.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a Side Kick & Hook Kick DVD! Muscle Up Book/DVD, GAM and PO1 BodyWeight Training Combo (Beast Maker Combo) Splits and Flexibility Online 12 Weeks In Depth Course with Paul Zaichik
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Kicking Strength Power Height Technique Side Kick and Hook Kick
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a SIDE KICK & HOK KICK DVD

This DVD focuses on two basic, yet often misunderstood kicks. In this video Paul Zaichik shows you the most efficient drills needed to master every aspect of the side kick and hook kick. It doesn’t have to take years to master a perfect kick, if you know what to practice. Indeed very few masters in the world, who perfected their own kicks, know how to quickly and safely pass the skills on to others. This DVD will fill this gap.

Special Body Weight Training Package. Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About a Muscle Up and Iron Cross Book/DVD Set, Graivity Advantage MAX - Total Body Conditioning Book and The Power of One Book.

This is an indepths course about The ElasticSteel principles and how they are applied to general flexibility and splits. Muscle groups and their respective stretches are taught in correct sequences. Many modalities that assist in muscle relaxation and facilitate stretching techniques are explained. The goal of this seminar is maximal flexibility at the completion of the course
Kick Master Combo - RoundHouse Kick DVD, Side & Hook Kick DVD, Front Kick DVD with FREE Broad Spectrum DVD and Power of One Book!
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Special Offer!!!!

New! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Side Kick, Hook Kick, Front Kick and RoundHouse Kick DVD Series! Plus for a limited time only, if you pre-order the whole set of these 3 DVD�s, you will receive a $50.00 value Broad Spectrum Conditioning for Kicking DVD (exclusive to this package and not sold separately) Free of charge! But that�s not all if you place your order right now you will also get a $40.00 value The Power of One � Unilateral Bodyweight Techniques Book Free of charge! To sum it up you will get a $90.00 value bundle (Book & DVD) FREE of charge, if you pre-order the 3 DVD series today!